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Aviation industry is always the exciting and fun career option that comes with the impressive lifestyle and lots of benefits. It provides the awesome lifestyle for every person working in this industry who wants to travel foreign countries and meet the dream to fly in the sky. Aviation is the broadest sector with so many branches each of them having different criterion and requirements to be fulfilled by the candidates.

You have completed your 10+2 education and now wondering what next to do to fulfill your vision of entering into the wide-ranging job market of aviation industry growing at faster rate, let Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd helps you. Doesn’t matter whichever career path you select, this is a time to prepare yourself with the complete dedication, knowledge, education, and expertise needed to make entry in this booming sector.

Numbers of training courses or programs

Many courses have been designed to prepare the aspiring students make career in this industry. Shibani Air organizes many programs for Private Pilot License, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Multi Engine Rating, Student Pilot License, Simulator Training, Aeronautical Engineering, B.Sc Aviation, B.Sc Aerospace Engineer, Pilot Training, Assistant Flight Instructor Rating, Multi Engine Rating, and more.

Why choose career in the Aviation Sector?

There is no industry that never seen ups and down in its entire years. Same situation is with Aviation sector but the amazing thing is that despite of several ebbs and flows, this industry is offering the bright career opportunities. Youngsters can shape their bright career in this sector by getting the complete requisite education and expertise needed. Many of the exciting employment choices in Aviation provides with lots of benefits in terms of job security, flexibility, good salary package, accomplish the lifelong dream to fly in the sky, offers a challenging and fun work environment.

Which aviation career you must choose?

However, there are some types of careers that always remain on the top in the aviation sector such as Pilot, Air Hostess, Engineers, and Mechanics, the new advancements are also offering more opportunities. Nowadays, many choices are available such as Airline Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Control Jobs, Flight and Ground Instructors, Flight Dispatcher, Cabin Crew, and more.

Shibani AirServices help you choose the career that meets your educational requirements and desires by preparing you for the specific job role. 100% guaranteed placement is also offered in the top companies or Aviation industries by the placement cell. 

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  1. Hi Friends
    My name is Sadam Kumar Slanki I applied in Shibani Air Services approx. 4 months ago in this job…… I start my processing with them in that time I don’t having my passport and placement mam say , “you make your passport as soon as possible for this job” and 3 months after I get my passport and I call them back they provide me the option for Delhi I said ok……….. now I am working in Airlines………. thank you so much Shibani Air Services provide me good opportunity And I am really happy to work in Airlines company thank you so much Shibani Air Services LTD believe me it happens………….. If my life can change u too………… God bless u lot……………….

    1. sir, what is your qualification. and what is your post sir. and what about your salary sir?

  2. I have applied this Bt I didn't found any parcel or any response Nw 7,8 months have been passed so plz help me for that.

  3. I have applied in Shibani airlines.i completed all the processing.i have passport.its been 2months ,I didn't get the placement call,plz help me