Shibani Air Services- Your Guide to Become a Cabin Crew

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To become a cabin crew, is a part of thousands of young people throughout the world. It is a great job that let you travel and get paid in a mean time. If you appreciate being in the aircraft, taking care and serving the passengers, then the profession of cabin crew is the correct decision for you.

The cabin crews are in the aircraft for well being and security reasons. The handling of the passengers and guaranteeing their solace are their additional duty. The teams are prepared to handle the emergency condition such emergency while landing on land and on water.

The experts of Shibani Air Services are giving a brief on job requirements and duties performed by cabin crew:

1. Check the job prerequisites.

·         It is typical for an aircraft to employ the resident of the nation. In any case, there are a few carriers, similar to the aircrafts in the Middle East, employ foreign crews. This is because of some social boundaries that dishearten the women to look for occupation particularly as a cabin crew.
·         The training and language requirements are stipulated. English is normally a requirement for a worldwide aircraft.
·         There is a minimum height required. This is due to the emergency tools are situated in the overhead compartments, so the crew should be able to reach them.

2. Learn about the duties and responsibilities

There are two motivations to this. To start with, you should be certain that the employment is what you want, and besides, to prepare for the interview.

Flight attendants duties include:

·         Handle crisis circumstances keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that the travelers are safe.
·         Ensure travelers are comfortable, by serving foods and drinks.
·         Give medical aid
·         Demonstrate safety procedures
·         Help all passengers, particularly kids and physically impeded people to their seats.

3. Prepare a good C.V. which will determine whether you will be call for interview.

4. When the airline invites you for an interview, you should be well dressed. Wear a neutral suit, dark shoes (for men) and decent office attire (for ladies).

Consider among mentioned points which will be helpful in your journey to become a cabin crew. Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd assists to prepare candidate for placement in cabin crew.

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  1. Thank you Shibani Air and Vaishali Ma'am, I am very happy that I have been selected for Airlines CSA. Thank you for selecting me. I completed all my processing things. Just waiting for my parcel to come and for my final interview. Very much excited.Thank you once again to all.

    1. Hi bro, I have got a mail from shibani air, that I have selected as CSA, but they are asking me to pay 1200 rupees. Shall I pay bro? I need ur suggestion. Please help me my contact number 9951192087. My mail id

  2. hello mein ruchika joshi varanasi se. maine 12 pass karke or parhai nahi ki. kyuki meri family mein financial problem thi aur mere papa ne kaha tha ki mujhe aur parha nahi payenge. Isliye mein parhai chorr kar job k search mein thi. ek sahali ne mujhe Shibani air k bare mein bataya aur maine apply kiya aur baki k process mein meri saheli me mujhe bohot madad ki. jiske karan mein abhi delhi mein job kar rahi hu aur aachi salary k sath k sath. thank you meri saheli priyanka ko aur monalisha mam ko,jinhone meri bohot help ki. mujhe job milne par maine private mein admission bhi le li hu collage mein. kyuki Monalisha madam nekaha tha ki graduate hone se mujhe future mein tarakki milegi. Thank you Shibani Air mujhe ye mauka dene k liye.

    1. Hi madem, I have got a mail from shibani air, that I have selected as CSA, but they are asking me to pay 1200 rupees. Shall I pay bro? I need ur suggestion. Please help me my contact number 9951192087. My mail id Please help me madem

    2. Ruchika ji kya apko sach me sivani air servises se delhi me job mila? mujhe to
      yakeen nahi ho raha, anyway kya apka numbr mujhe mil sakta hai apse job ke bare me baat karni thi....