Shibani Air Services Give Wings to the Dream of Many Aspiring Candidates

What should students consider if they want to make a growing career in the aviation sector? Shibani Air Services highlights the current state of the aviation industry, job opportunities offered in this sector, and what skills are required for the specific job profile. Numbers of aspiring candidates interested in making a career in this field are joining the aviation industry by getting the assistance of skilled professionals to secure the top position in the job profile they wish.

The successfully placed candidates are working as aircraft engineers, cabin crew, CSA, and other profiles along with getting the excellent job opportunities. Professional staff works with the candidate to allow them find out the best job opportunity in the aviation sector and get placed directly with the top airlines. The experts are specialize in the placement for aviation industry allowing candidates get the best possible career they have dream about.

Career in aviation sector

Career in the fastest growing aviation sector can be fascinating, rewarding, and highly exciting. Whether it is air traffic management, technical aspect, aircrew, flying operation, all comes under the scope of this industry. Today, aviation is among the rapidly growing industries which offer many job opportunities to serve the manpower’s increasing demand. Many people are attracted towards the job offered in this industry to enjoy the advantage of traveling across the world along with getting good salary package.

Career prospect

Aviation sector is very huge and provides the plenty of career options. The aspiring candidate can work as commercial pilot, air hostess, flight purser, aircraft maintenance engineer, aviation psychologist, flight dispatcher, aviation doctor, flight and ground instructors or more.
There are lots of candidates who have been placed from Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd in various airlines such as Spice Jet, Air India, Air India Sats, Jet Airways, Indigo, etc.

The company has a complete team of professionals who provides knowledge and excellent training to the aspiring student. Various courses are also designed by the company to promote the aviation industry in India. Choose the best course you want to make career in and become the perfect candidate agencies are looking for after getting the knowledge. 

Find your Dream Job with Shibani Aviation Support and Services

Aviation industry is always the exciting and fun career option that comes with the impressive lifestyle and lots of benefits. It provides the awesome lifestyle for every person working in this industry who wants to travel foreign countries and meet the dream to fly in the sky. Aviation is the broadest sector with so many branches each of them having different criterion and requirements to be fulfilled by the candidates.

You have completed your 10+2 education and now wondering what next to do to fulfill your vision of entering into the wide-ranging job market of aviation industry growing at faster rate, let Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd helps you. Doesn’t matter whichever career path you select, this is a time to prepare yourself with the complete dedication, knowledge, education, and expertise needed to make entry in this booming sector.

Numbers of training courses or programs

Many courses have been designed to prepare the aspiring students make career in this industry. Shibani Air organizes many programs for Private Pilot License, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Multi Engine Rating, Student Pilot License, Simulator Training, Aeronautical Engineering, B.Sc Aviation, B.Sc Aerospace Engineer, Pilot Training, Assistant Flight Instructor Rating, Multi Engine Rating, and more.

Why choose career in the Aviation Sector?

There is no industry that never seen ups and down in its entire years. Same situation is with Aviation sector but the amazing thing is that despite of several ebbs and flows, this industry is offering the bright career opportunities. Youngsters can shape their bright career in this sector by getting the complete requisite education and expertise needed. Many of the exciting employment choices in Aviation provides with lots of benefits in terms of job security, flexibility, good salary package, accomplish the lifelong dream to fly in the sky, offers a challenging and fun work environment.

Which aviation career you must choose?

However, there are some types of careers that always remain on the top in the aviation sector such as Pilot, Air Hostess, Engineers, and Mechanics, the new advancements are also offering more opportunities. Nowadays, many choices are available such as Airline Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Control Jobs, Flight and Ground Instructors, Flight Dispatcher, Cabin Crew, and more.

Shibani AirServices help you choose the career that meets your educational requirements and desires by preparing you for the specific job role. 100% guaranteed placement is also offered in the top companies or Aviation industries by the placement cell. 

Values of working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer : Shibani Air Services

Now-a-days, aircraft maintenance engineer achieving great height with upcoming booming opportunities. Shibani Air Services Pvt. Ltd. will give you an abstraction about what are the duties of aircraft maintenance engineer and what skills are required to be a part of this profile as they have experience of closely working with aviation industry.

Shibani Air Services are well known for providing high-end training and placements to the candidates, opt to work in aircrafts. They work with their candidates throughout the recruitment process. Maintenance and Engineering is one of their services.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and carefully. They work with specialized power and aviation tools, computer and diagnostic equipment and x-ray machines .Aircraft maintenance engineer will directly work on aircraft in a factory or aircraft hangar environment.

Duties and Tasks

·         Conduct maintenance, repair, inspection and upgrades of aircraft engines including critical control system maintenance.
·         Conduct pre-flight assessments of aircraft engine and other associate mechanical systems.
·         Maintain tools and work requirements.
·         Perform component testing including modifications and repairs to enjoy systems and parts.
·         Examine aircraft engines for malfunction.
·         Daily duties involved keeping record, performing scheduled maintenance and making emergency repairs.

Skills Required

·         Attention to details
·         Technically sound
·         Troubleshooting skills
·         Planning and organization
·         Diagnosis and Repairs
·         Proficient in English
·         Willing to travel as you might have to shift stations often
·         Disciplined, able to work hard

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is an exciting career. All you need to be work harder to grow in this field. Just stick to your goals, nothing is impossible.

Shibani Air Services- Your Guide to Become a Cabin Crew

To become a cabin crew, is a part of thousands of young people throughout the world. It is a great job that let you travel and get paid in a mean time. If you appreciate being in the aircraft, taking care and serving the passengers, then the profession of cabin crew is the correct decision for you.

The cabin crews are in the aircraft for well being and security reasons. The handling of the passengers and guaranteeing their solace are their additional duty. The teams are prepared to handle the emergency condition such emergency while landing on land and on water.

The experts of Shibani Air Services are giving a brief on job requirements and duties performed by cabin crew:

1. Check the job prerequisites.

·         It is typical for an aircraft to employ the resident of the nation. In any case, there are a few carriers, similar to the aircrafts in the Middle East, employ foreign crews. This is because of some social boundaries that dishearten the women to look for occupation particularly as a cabin crew.
·         The training and language requirements are stipulated. English is normally a requirement for a worldwide aircraft.
·         There is a minimum height required. This is due to the emergency tools are situated in the overhead compartments, so the crew should be able to reach them.

2. Learn about the duties and responsibilities

There are two motivations to this. To start with, you should be certain that the employment is what you want, and besides, to prepare for the interview.

Flight attendants duties include:

·         Handle crisis circumstances keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that the travelers are safe.
·         Ensure travelers are comfortable, by serving foods and drinks.
·         Give medical aid
·         Demonstrate safety procedures
·         Help all passengers, particularly kids and physically impeded people to their seats.

3. Prepare a good C.V. which will determine whether you will be call for interview.

4. When the airline invites you for an interview, you should be well dressed. Wear a neutral suit, dark shoes (for men) and decent office attire (for ladies).

Consider among mentioned points which will be helpful in your journey to become a cabin crew. Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd assists to prepare candidate for placement in cabin crew.

Shibani Air Services- Skills and Experience Required To Become Cabin Crew Member

If you have prepared yourself to be a part of jet-set lifestyle of cabin crew, then all you will need to show is hard work, dedication and professionalism all over the world.

Talking about the role of cabin crew members, they are the excellent providers of customer services to passengers while taking care of their comfort and safety throughout the flight. They get training to deal with the security and emergency situations which can raise and can provide first aid to passenger.

Qualification Required

Minimum qualification required for cabin crew:
·         High School Graduate (grade 12)

  • Require grade C or equivalent in Mathematics and English
  • Having a degree in one of the following such as: hospitality management, languages, travel.

Skills Required

According to the experts of Shibani Air Services, the necessary skills required to get placed in this job profile, you must possess: 

·         Excellent communication Skills
·         Excellent interpersonal skills
·         Exceptional Customer Services
·         Diplomacy and tact
·         Commercial awareness and sales skills
·         Discretion while dealing with VIP
·         Confidence in dealing with range of people
·         Team working skills and be able to supportive of colleagues
·         Flexible with working hours
·         Able to work in confined place
·         Ability to face problems calmly and quickly

Work Experience

·         Airlines prefer to see confirmation of relevant work experience over qualifications, as they're keen to see that candidates have the required abilities.

·         Part-time work in customer service roles will be especially helpful, as will any work that exhibits teamwork and communication.

In conclusion, with these all necessary requirements, the point is clear that this field has a good scope for those who wants to be a part of aviation industry. And to get job in this job profile, you can either do hard work by yourself or take help of any placement company which provides you high-end knowledge. Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd offers job assistance in aviation sector by providing quality training to face interview and get placed.

Shibani’s Role in Getting 100% Aviation Job Placement

Aviation Industry has been the most fast-moving and innovative industries in the demanding scenario. From the last few years, this growing sector has witnessed the significant progress not only in the form of making air travel comfortable but also in terms of its expansion. The introduction of ultra-efficient commercial aircraft has been leading to the numbers of career opportunities for job seekers. With so many aviation job vacancies available, the level of competition get rise making it difficult for candidates to meet their dream.

The top placement or recruitment agencies like Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd provide reliable recruitment services and solutions by allowing willing candidates to get their dream job. The experts having rich experience in aviation sector and extensive research based recruitment models increase the chances of an applicant to come in contact with right airline company that holds openings in the candidate’s level of qualification, knowledge, and experience.

When asked to make a career in airline industry, most people instantly talks about becoming the good pilot or air hostess. But apart from these flight crew who has the responsibility to fly an airplane and take care of passenger’s need and comfort, airline industry rely on more individuals to keep the business run effectively. Every year numbers of job vacancies are available for different profiles such as airline administrative support, flight attendant, avionics technicians, flight dispatcher, aviation meteorologist, ramp planner, airline ticket agent, crew schedule coordinator, passenger service agent, and more.

Reasons why you should consult with placement agency:
  • ·         Prepare candidates for interview
  • ·         Developing the good skills required
  • ·         Work throughout the process till contracts finalization
  • ·         Keep candidates updated with latest industry demands
  • ·         Provide direct placement in top companies according to expertise and qualification

Specialized recruitment agencies like Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd provide services for direct placement in ground handling, maintenance & engineering services, cabin cleaning, airport retail shops, permanent recruitment, more. The well established direct placement company working with trusted name in Aviation industry provides interested candidates right way to hold the career opportunities in aviation sector. 

Duties for Ground Handling- Shibani Air Services

Are you looking for great opportunity in ground handling field? Are you facing problem while giving interviews and not having an idea about how to answer the questions? Then this is the place for you. Shibani Air Services will help you throughout the recruitment process from interview to compliance checks to finalizing the projects. Shibani Aviation reviews will help you to know more about our services provide to our candidates.

With over years of experience in the aviation sector, experts have developed well-informed systems and models for the assessment of candidates for recruitment in various positions of ground handling field.

Ground handlers are meant to do the job of loading and unloading the baggage and freight when plane is on ground and parked at the terminal gate of airport. Also they ensure customer comfort by handling aspects such as cabin crew, catering and passenger service. Airport ground staff ensures safety by taking various preventive measures.

There are different duties of ground services which are explained below:-

1.       Cabin Service – The purpose of cabin service is to ensure passenger comfort. While  cabin cleaning comprises of the bulk of efforts , it also includes works such as refilling onboard consumables and washable items such as pillows and blankets.

2.       Catering – Catering includes unloading the unused food and drink from the aircraft and load the fresh food and drink material for passengers and crew.

3.       Ramp Services – This type of service includes towing with pushback tractors,lavatory drainage, luggage handling,gate checked luggage guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking area, air cargo handling usually by means of cargo loaders.