Shibani Air Services Give Wings to the Dream of Many Aspiring Candidates

What should students consider if they want to make a growing career in the aviation sector? Shibani Air Services highlights the current state of the aviation industry, job opportunities offered in this sector, and what skills are required for the specific job profile. Numbers of aspiring candidates interested in making a career in this field are joining the aviation industry by getting the assistance of skilled professionals to secure the top position in the job profile they wish.
The successfully placed candidates are working as aircraft engineers, cabin crew, CSA, and other profiles along with getting the excellent job opportunities. Professional staff works with the candidate to allow them find out the best job opportunity in the aviation sector and get placed directly with the top airlines. The experts are specialize in the placement for aviation industry allowing candidates get the best possible career they have dream about.
Career in aviation sector
Career in the fastest growing a…

Find your Dream Job with Shibani Aviation Support and Services

Aviation industry is always the exciting and fun career option that comes with the impressive lifestyle and lots of benefits. It provides the awesome lifestyle for every person working in this industry who wants to travel foreign countries and meet the dream to fly in the sky. Aviation is the broadest sector with so many branches each of them having different criterion and requirements to be fulfilled by the candidates.
You have completed your 10+2 education and now wondering what next to do to fulfill your vision of entering into the wide-ranging job market of aviation industry growing at faster rate, let Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltdhelps you. Doesn’t matter whichever career path you select, this is a time to prepare yourself with the complete dedication, knowledge, education, and expertise needed to make entry in this booming sector.
Numbers of training courses or programs
Many courses have been designed to prepare the aspiring students make career in this industry. Shibani Air organi…

Values of working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer : Shibani Air Services

Now-a-days, aircraft maintenance engineer achieving great height with upcoming booming opportunities. Shibani Air Services Pvt. Ltd. will give you an abstraction about what are the duties of aircraft maintenance engineer and what skills are required to be a part of this profile as they have experience of closely working with aviation industry.

Shibani Air Services are well known for providing high-end training and placements to the candidates, opt to work in aircrafts. They work with their candidates throughout the recruitment process. Maintenance and Engineering is one of their services.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and carefully. They work with specialized power and aviation tools, computer and diagnostic equipment and x-ray machines .Aircraft maintenance engineer will directly work on aircraft in a factory or aircraft hangar environment.
Duties and Tasks
·Conduct maintenance, repair, inspection and upgrades of aircraft engines…

Shibani Air Services- Your Guide to Become a Cabin Crew

To become a cabin crew, is a part of thousands of young people throughout the world. It is a great job that let you travel and get paid in a mean time. If you appreciate being in the aircraft, taking care and serving the passengers, then the profession of cabin crew is the correct decision for you.
The cabin crews are in the aircraft for well being and security reasons. The handling of the passengers and guaranteeing their solace are their additional duty. The teams are prepared to handle the emergency condition such emergency while landing on land and on water.

The experts of Shibani Air Servicesare giving a brief on job requirements and duties performed by cabin crew:
1. Check the job prerequisites.
·It is typical for an aircraft to employ the resident of the nation. In any case, there are a few carriers, similar to the aircrafts in the Middle East, employ foreign crews. This is because of some social boundaries that dishearten the women to look for occupation particularly as a cabin c…

Shibani Air Services- Skills and Experience Required To Become Cabin Crew Member


Shibani’s Role in Getting 100% Aviation Job Placement

Aviation Industry has been the most fast-moving and innovative industries in the demanding scenario. From the last few years, this growing sector has witnessed the significant progress not only in the form of making air travel comfortable but also in terms of its expansion. The introduction of ultra-efficient commercial aircraft has been leading to the numbers of career opportunities for job seekers. With so many aviation job vacancies available, the level of competition get rise making it difficult for candidates to meet their dream.
The top placement or recruitment agencies like Shibani Air Services Pvt Ltd provide reliable recruitment services and solutions by allowing willing candidates to get their dream job. The experts having rich experience in aviation sector and extensive research based recruitment models increase the chances of an applicant to come in contact with right airline company that holds openings in the candidate’s level of qualification, knowledge, and experience.…